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The word, Grapho, derives it’s origin from Greek, meaning writing , and Lipi (लिपि), a Hindi word,also means writing.  Grapholipi is about reading one’s personality through handwriting and identifying one’s challenges and aspirations, and achieving one’s desired goals by making a few alterations in handwriting. After an intense research over years, Grapholipi has designed smooth system of teaching this highly beneficial science and art, with an easy-to-follow, set of instructions, cute illustrations, real life handwriting samples and several case studies which makes learning it, easy and fun to understand for everyone.


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Scribble Analysis

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Grapho Reports

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Ms. Akshita Tyagi

Nupur you had been a great teacher and it was so much fun learning Graphology from you. I have got good results by applying grapho-therapies. Wish to continue doing same. Keep teaching, keep growing.
Ms. Akshita Tyagi, Working in hospitality sector, North Carolina, USA

Mrs. Ruchi Gupta

As a teacher I always look forward to learning new things which I can use to develop skills of my students as well as for my 8 year old daughter. Through a friend I came to know about Nupur who teaches Graphology. I searched about her course and contacted her. The best part was without bearing any extra cost of travelling to Delhi n stay I learned this course .
Nupur organised the Skype sessions as per my convenience. She explained

Anurag Trehan

I have been practicing Vastu since 4 years and to add to this knowledge I approached Nupur for Graphology. To my amusement, she taught few tricks in handwriting analysis which now help me give better solutions along with Vastu remedies for better life to my clients. It was very convenient to learn through Skype and the way she taught was amazing. Looking forward to attend your scribble analysis session too.
Good luck.
Anurag Trehan, Vastu Exp

Maneesha Yadav

I approached Nupur for my 11 year old son's Grapho report. It was a great experience to learn about the hidden strengths of my son and she suggested few simple to follow activities to overcome his challenges. Within a month I saw visible results. Thank you so much.
Maneesha Yadav, Homemaker, Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

Grapholipi has specialized courses designed for individual needs.

For parents : To aid child development from an early age and judging the psychological needs of the child.

For teachers : To help them understand students well and guide them better.

For professionals : To help them in their career growth and stability.

For students : To develop better concentration, attain good marks, and strengthen their skill sets.

For individuals : To help them lead a stress free life, better social connections, and smooth relations etc.