06 Aug 2017

Before I stepped into Vastu world I guess for me too it was just a synonym to superstition. Do this in your home you will attract money, do this you will have better health and blah blah blah. But actually when I learnt this art to my amusement I found it to be totally based on theory of five elements which can practically be explained and implement scientifically.

Five elements as we know – Water, Air, Fire , Earth and Metal (Space), are the core of the existence on this earth. Its no rocket science to tell that fire can instantly be put off by water. Similarly happens in home or any space, if you construct kitchen which is a fire element in vastu theory, in place of water element, Bath area for instance, it will automatically start creating problems.
So, we Vastu consultants help people to overcome these problems with simple and effective solutions which helps to balance the disturbed five elements in the house or any space.