1. What is graphology?

Graphology is the study of psychological state ( thought patterns) of person by analyzing one’s handwriting and signature.

2. What is scribble analysis?

As the name suggests, scribble analysis is the study of scribbled images done by a person from his subconscious mind . Scribbled images can be in many forms ; alphabets, cartoons, human figures, or 3D art. When looked at closely, they signify deep states pertaining to one’s psychological condition.

3. How Graphology is different from Handwriting or signature analysis?

They mean the same and are used interchangeably. Both means study of handwriting and signatures.

4. How changing signature or handwriting can solve problems?

Handwriting and signature are the direct reflection of subconscious mind ( thought patterns). With time, our thought patterns change due to internal and external influences and so does our handwriting (but not signature so frequently). By doing minimal changes in handwriting/signature and practicing those changes over and over again, will train and influence the subconscious mind to change its thought patterns, which in turn, will lead to positive change in one’s actions and behavior, which helps in solving of life challenges.

5. In how much time of practicing changes in handwriting/signature will show results?

To change or adapt a habit 21 days of continuous practice is suggested . Grapholipi suggests 42 days (10 minutes daily ) of continuous practice  – 21 days to adapt change in handwriting/signature and the next 21 days, to master it. The results would be visible in less than a month.

6. Who all can benefit from scribble analysis?

Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone scribbles on paper, wall or desk and each scribble has a psychological meaning. Hence, it is helpful to all.

7. How graphology and scribble analysis be helpful for moms and children ?

 Children have unbiased thoughts and clear intents. In true sense, their joyful or low states of mind, can be seen clearly in their actions and these can be easily recognized by their parents. The challenging part is to find the roots behind these, and providing effective solutions for the same. Graphology and scribble analysis help in finding the missing link and gives a broader picture of cause (reason) and effect ( behavior).