Your Signatures form a small but probably the most powerful aspect of your personality & life. A detailed analysis of the shape, size and formation of alphabets and strokes in your signatures opens up a window to peep into the hidden realms of your subconscious mind. Not only Signatures but your Scribbles (the rough patterns or drawings that you make unconsciously) also reveal a lot about your present state of mind.

These magical techniques were hitherto being employed by Psychiatrists only. But now these have been beautifully compiled in a one day ‘Signature & Scribble Analysis Workshop’ by Master Graphologist Nupur Gupta. Now, you can easily learn these powerful techniques and create positive improvements in your life.

A Career aspirant can use this knowledge to identify and correct those negative thought patterns in his or her subconscious mind which might be blocking their career growth & promotion. Similarly, a Mother can use this to help her children overcome those challenges in their life which otherwise they might hesitate to share with anyone. In general, this knowledge tool is beneficial for everyone.

In the workshop you will learn :

  1. How to Decode someone’s Mind, Intentions & Personality by looking at their Signatures.
  2. How to Enhance the Suppressed aspects in your personality to improve Recognition of your work in your organisation.
  3. How to Improve your Signatures to develop your Career specific capabilities.
  4. How Scribbles reflect your current state of mind?
  5. How to Read your teenage Child’s mind by looking at their Scribbles.
  6. How to identify & save yourself from the false Pretentions of a person.
  7. The Key to develop Influential Personality through Powerful Signatures.

Fees: INR 5,200 per person (inclusive of Lunch, Tea & Reference Study Material)

Date : 25 November 2017

Duration : 8 Hours

Time : 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Venue : Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rohini, Delhi, India.

For Registration contact us at +91-8851605088 or mail us at