On phone ? Holding a pen in hand? Are you scribbling something? Wait ! Do not discard that scribbled paper!  It might reveal lot of your secrets.

Many of us scribble absent-mindedly when on the phone, in a meeting or lecture, or while waiting ! And quite often these drawings (scribbles) hold a lot of meaning.

There are abundant types of scribbles, ranging from retracing letters in a written or printed text to complex to three-dimensional drawings, via a variety of idle scribbling, series of lines, or a shape, a pattern, cartoon versions of teachers or classmates, tiny little flowers scrawled in the corner of the page, stars, hearts, eyes, landscapes or geometric shapes. Very often we continue to add one drawing after another until we form a complete picture. We usually scribble on our textbooks, exercise-books, pencil-cases, school desks and so on.


Scribbles are assessed in much the same way as specimens of handwriting: by examining the same indicators such as the layout on the page, the structure of the stroke, movement, angles, size etc. However, the scribble cannot be determined by quite the same codes as those applying to handwriting analysis, and the closest common component between the scribble and the person’s handwriting is the signature.


Scribbles carry a vast array of symbols, some clear and incontestable, others obscure and concealed. Tracing hearts often represents romantic phase; pistols and arms could indicate overt of repressed aggression; boats and cars point to a nomadic urge, the desire to travel and the need to go on holiday. It is only people who are musically oriented who would trace musical notes and keys, and people on a diet would often be inspired by food-related subjects in their scribbles. Drawing bars often points to a feeling of suffocation.

Scribbles can reveal your personality and state of mind and Scribble-therapy can help overcome challenges and weaknesses.

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