Vastu has predominantly been in existence over 12000 years. Earlier it was restricted only to Raajgharanas (Kings Palaces) or the elite. The notion that Vastu corrections require demolition or de-construction is now taking a back seat. With easy to apply remedies, quick and effective results with which miraculous results can be achieved, Vastu is very much accessible to the common man.

There are two ways to avail consultation :-

a) With Site visit

  1. For Delhi/NCR – Starting at Rs.16,000 upto 1600 sq ft ( inclusive of Building Map and one Site visit ) and thereafter Rs.25 per sq ft and Rs.5000 per Visit.
  2. Outside Delhi – 43,000 upto 2500 sq ft (inclusive of Building Map and one Site Visit) and thereafter Rs. 52 per sq ft and Rs 16,000  per visit ( inclusive of Air Fare and Stay ).

b) Without site visit

  1. Starting at Rs.7000 upto 1600 sq ft ( inclusive of one hour telephonic conversation ) and thereafter Rs. 16 per sq ft .

For accurate and effective Vastu analysis of your building ( home, shop, office or factory ) mail us at

Kindly mention the following points in your mail-

  1. Challenges faced.
  2. Type of building – Home, shop, office or Factory.
  3. Place where building is located.
  4. Owned or rented.
  5. Number of floors ( approximate area floor wise and total area)
    For shop, office and factory give details of the type of work.
  6. Attach the building plan ( or rough layout ) with any direction ( North , East, South , West ) marked on the plan.

You can also call or sms us at +91-8851605088 or for any query or drop us a mail at